Recently I found myself contemplating, “does Jackson like golfing because he’s naturally interested…???”

or could there be some OTHER influence???!!!

hhhhmmm…or may be it’s just the love of sports?!?!

Well…regardless, it seems to me he’s having fun!  Isn’t THAT what matters?!?!” 

HAHAHAHAHAH!  Or at least it’s what people keep telling me…: – )


Sword Fighting

Following Kohler boy tradition, it seems Jackson is quite a fan of sword fighting these days.   Not sure where he picked up the faces he makes, but I can’t help laughing inside at his intensity.  On a recent father-son camp out with some friends, the boys had quite a time.  Thank goodness for foam swords. 

OK…obviously it has been a coons age since I updated our blog!  I am resolved to do better; especially since most of our family lives out of town!  I was going batty trying to figure out ways to stay in touch and update everyone, which brought me back to the blog.

Update: Jackson is almost 3 and half now.  We are only beginning to understand how time sure does fly!  He’s quite a debater and often challenging, but fun as heck!  As you might imagine, between Franz and I, he talks quite a bit.  He keeps us on our tows and reminds us often of our own shortcomings.

At the end of the school year (May 28th) Jackson finished at Hope Montessori.  After a short hometown vacation, he began summer school at St. John’s (Ellisville, MO) on June 7th.  (http://www.stjohnslutheranschool.org/)  As parents, I experienced those twinges of anxiety as I was not sure how he was going to handle  the change.  The good news is that a month later he is doing great!!  Seems to really like his new school, and is fitting in quite well.  However, I have both a husband and a son who do not deal well with change! (Laughing)  The first few weeks were dicey, but with the help of VBS week – he decided it was a place he wanted to stay.

The first day of school, after he packed his own lunch, I heard him in the living room crunching his chips bag.  I immediately thought, “oh no…not chips for breakfast!”  As I made my way to the living room I slowed down to try to catch him in the act; however, to my surprise he was not trying to eat the chips.  In stead he was trying to stuff his dog pal Murphy, along with his blanket, into his lunch box.  When I asked him what he was up to he replied, “I need to take Murphy and Blankie with me to protect my food!”  What a kid!

Bath time

Jackson LOVES his baths!


Jackson’s Birthday

Today was Jackson’s first birthday. Wow…life has certainly changed a lot in a year!! Franz and I took a moment or two today to reflect on how far we have come, and it’s truly amazing to consider. People warned us, but I had no idea until I lived it.

In my father’s family we have this tradition for children on their first birthday. You cover their eyes and place a Bible (or Rosary), a dollar bill, and a shot glass in front of them on their tray or table; then uncover their eyes and see which one they choose. When I was one I chose the Rosary, and so did my brother Paul. My sister chose the dollar bill and my brother Todd chose the shot glass. I have been looking forward to doing this with Jackson, and quite curious to see which one he would choose.

Can you guess which one Jackson choose?


For those who guessed the shot glass…!!!

Colds, Coughs and Christmas

It’s seems that many of us have colds, coughs or the flu these days.  Jackson is on his second round of antibiotics; while Franz and I are on our first.  Talk about one happy family!

In a few days we will pack up the RAV and head for Indiana and Ohio for Christmas.  This is the first time that Franz will get to see where I grew up, and my extended family will get to meet Franz and Jackson. 

This is Jackson’s First Christmas, and I can’t believe he’s almost a year old.  Time does fly!  He’s getting quit big these days, and showing so much personality!!  He’s learning that blowing raspberries with food in his mouth is fun, but makes mom and dad quite unhappy.  Also, he is learning that dropping things from the grocery basket or his highchair onto the floor also makes mom and dad unhappy!  Then, in typical Kohler fashion, he is currently on a boycot; he will not eat goldfish, I mean grandpa pro fish!


Parenting Advice?!

 “Uh mom and dad, do you think I can borrow the car on Friday?”


Exactly how do you say “no” to this face?!!?!!